We at Dark Horse, have set out to address the oh-so familiar issues perennially bogging down Business and IT.

Issues such as:

  • The Gap between Business and IT.
  • Packaged Applications – ERP, PLM, CRM, SCM, Core Banking, Core Insurance et al, barely serve as business differentiators anymore
  • Organizations have spent a fortune on Packaged Applications and are perpetually spending a bigger fortune maintaining and customizing them
  • Business needs to manage processes which are dynamic and changing instead they have silos of stagnant and rigid applications
  • Packaged Applications are designed for Generic, Predictable and Unchanging processes – the business environment is all about change

Our competency is creating a Business Oriented Architecture (BOA) using BPM & SOA.

Our strategic focus is ‘Business Transformation’ by creating an Architecture which enables:

  • Agility & Flexibility to cater to dynamically changing business models
  • A collaborative platform across the entire eco-system to increase efficiency, service levels, transparency and visibility
  • An unbundled, fine grained (lego’ed) library of reusable business functionalities that get orchestrated into end-to-end business processes