With all the product information at their fingertips, technology has empowered customers like never before. They can research and compare the products with ease on internet. Technology has enabled easy access to multiple channels for shopping and multiple modes of payment. They can easily share their ideas regarding products and services with millions over social networking sites. The interaction could be related to feedback on existing products & services, ideas and inputs on new products etc.

Thus the customers have become more informed, aware, connected and empowered. This has led to a new shift in consumer shopping behavior. Thus, besides improving operational efficiency and availability, it is becoming imperative for retail chains to be customer centric in true sense.

Dark Horse has delivered cutting edge SOA enabled BPM solutions to help customers achieve seamless integration with disparate underlying systems and hence providing right information to the right personnel at the right time.

Featured Retail Solutions

Article Lifecycle Management: The management of article through its life cycle is not a straight forward process. Our solution enables business users to manage the article lifecycle by integrated business processes which provide single platform to create/modify all article related information like article type, price, store linkage, vendor information etc.

Vendor Lifecycle Management: Sustained relationship with vendors is very important for successful retail operations. Our solution allows retailers to reduce the tremendous effort spent in managing vendor relationships, removing manual steps in the business process, while streamlining approval cycles and document management.

Pricing / Benchmarking Tool: This a sophisticated tool which enables business users to work collaboratively to finalize the competitive selling price for a product.