Manufacturing is the backbone of every economy. It is faced with numerous challenges in today’s globalized environment. Globalization has enabled access for companies to different markets. Companies are setting up production facilities across geographies to lower costs and gain competitive advantage. However, managing such complex and distributed supply chains becomes a challenge. Also, companies need to enable collaborative work structure. Companies have to stay ahead of competition by building up innovative products with minimum ‘time to market’. Companies also have to optimize processes to sustain cost pressures.

Dark Horse has delivered cutting edge SOA enabled BPM solutions across the value chain in manufacturing resulting into process optimization and tangible business benefits as

Featured Manufacturing Solutions


The value chain of a manufacturing company extends to its vendors, distributors, dealers and customers. Our portal solutions provide various capabilities

Supplier Portal:

Dealer Portal:

Integration Solutions

Manufacturing companies face the constant battle of managing process transformations whilst working with legacy systems and applications aiming to optimize their production and supply chain to handle increased sales and shorten the order-to-invoice cycles, but the current IT infrastructures are very complex. Independently, these applications, built using heterogeneous technologies, cater to specific business needs – however they fall short at addressing the challenges of the business process.

Our smart integration solutions provide seamless integration between the existing applications without re-inventing the entire wheel, and in-parallel – enhances the underlying business process.

Our Solutions have catered to data transformation needs and establishing two-way connectivity between ERPs, CRMs, PLM, MDM systems, Quote-to-cash systems, Warehouse Management Systems and other home-grown applications. Along with the integration capabilities, these solutions also enhance the process by providing monitoring and reporting tools.

Other Solutions

New Product Development Solution: New product development, an extensive process, goes through multiple stages of product identification, product definition, manufacturing feasibility analyses, financial feasibility analysis before getting approvals from senior management – and then finally the product is launched in the market. Our integrated workflow solution provides information tracking, budget allocation, sales forecasting, profitability analysis, lead-time tracking, generating reports and dashboards.

Freight Approval Solution: Supply Chain, the life-line of any manufacturing set-up, needs to be robust and dynamic to cater to needs which are critical and typically urgent by their inherent nature.

Our Freight Approval Solution allows supply chain planners to create and manage exceptional and urgent requests for shipments and gives an end-to-end traceability of the approval process. The Solution helps in determining the delta cost and hence aids in quick decision-making for the best-suited shipment mode.

PR to PO / Capex / Discount Approval system: These are key processes in manufacturing. However, these are fragmented and there is no end to end visibility or tracking resulting in delays and lesser control. Our work flow systems automate processes end-to-end enabling tracking, visibility, escalation mechanisms, notifications and alerts etc.

Advanced Product Quality Planning: This application is designed to facilitate and monitor the product quality plan which starts from product development stage and goes on till Product Launch. Main quality parameters are monitored through this process drawing from PLM, ERP and other allied systems. Approvals are granted based on various test result reports which are uploaded on the application.