Banks world over are taking a serious cognizance of the need to be compliant on one hand and customer centric on the other. The emerging economies have further challenged banks in terms of outreach and inclusivity. To compete successfully for customer acquisition, banks must also be flexible enough to develop and replace new products and services, as market needs dictate. To keep up with the pace, organizations must transform their operating model into more agile and flexible process driven mode.

Dark Horse holds domain expertise in BFSI with technical competency in BPM & BI and can help BFSI organizations to be adaptive and responsive to achieve compliance objectives and customer centricity.

Featured Banking Solutions

Government Banking Portal: Our Government Banking Portal caters to a highly dynamic hierarchy driven government set-up. It primarily enables payments among various government entities and to the beneficiaries of schemes and policies that are issued in public welfare.

Corporate Banking Automation: Corporate Banking services are very integral and a growing source of revenue for most new-age banks. Our Host to Host solution enables banks to integrate with their corporate customers for processing payment instructions which can be received through different channels such as FTP, SFTP, e-mail, web–service etc as per the needs of the customer. It provides full visibility of processes to both the bank and the corporate customers.

SARFESI automation: This solution helps lending institutions cater to the specific requirement of the ‘Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act (SARFESI)’. It provides an end to end visibility of the process and aids the institutions in recovering non-performing assets.

ASBA automation: This solution caters to the compliance with the ‘Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA)’ requirements as laid down by SEBI. It captures details of applications received from investors towards various IPOs/QPOs and caters to the need of withdrawals and modifications. It also provides facility of extracting reports in formats uploadable in BSE/NSE and basis the responses received from stock exchanges, allotment process is streamlined.

Discrepancy Tracking: Banks need to track various documents raised from various processes such as Account opening, Account Maintenance, Opening of Bills, LOCs etc. Our discrepancy tracking solution ensures timely follow-up for closure of outstanding deferrals. It is a risk identification solution which helps banks identify risks early on and timely MIS generation helps ensure proper control over the process. Also, it helps increase efficiency and reduces TAT and can be integrated into the various existing processes.